About Us

What is NAMUN?

Nesibe Aydın Model United Nations is an internationally recognised prestigious conference, organised annually during December. Passion residing in ourselves coupled with the inherent notion of perfectionism present led NAMUN to be one of the most experienced and well-recognised MUN conferences in Turkey. Each year, we welcome hundreds of high school and college students to discuss and subsequently find conceivable solutions to our real-world problems in our seven committees.

How can you attend?

Fending off a global pandemic, we are delighted to announce that this year, our conference will be held face to face, in The Ankara Hotel and Nesibe Aydın Schools. Aiming to preserve and improve the classic NAMUN experience, we invite you to apply from our website. Additionally, our Twitter page, @21namun and our Instagram page, @namun.2021 will be at your disposal to embound yourself into the NAMUN experience fully!

Our Beloved Teams

No building can remain standing without its skeleton and for NAMUN it’s our hardworking academic and organisation teams keeping the organisation running. Our academic team, with our esteemed Secretary-General İdil Yüzbaşıoğlu, her Deputy Secretary-General Mustafa Arda Teker, our precious Head of Academic Assistant Elif Mina Güler with her team, Zeynep Işık İrdem, Meltem Bilir, Deniz Uz, Yağmur Ateş, Duru Micazkadıoğlu, and Can Kadıoğlu, our Head of Crisis Işıl Nehir Aslan with her team Lara Irmak Korkmaz, Tuna Gazel, Ferit Batu Hatip, and Alp Eren Küçükdoğan and our Head of Journalist Canan Sahra Aydoğan with her team Onur Kaan Yardım, Kayra Elif İpek, Badel Bezirci, Elif Beyalan and Alp Doruk Aracı worked tirelessly to bring you the best experience possible. You cannot run a MUN without someone meticulously controlling the show, and for this, we have to thank the organisation team with our esteemed Director-General Bahar Elif Bülbül, her Deputy Director-General Zehra Ergen, Head of IT and Media Selim Mert and his associate Mert Yılmaz, Head of PR Emir Ormanoğlu and Elif Yaren Çelebi and their team İdil Öztürk and Göknil Sıla Doğan, Head of Admins Gönen Ertunç and his team Öykü Derin Subaşı, Elifnaz Özdemir, Arhan Saka, Burak Emre Karakum, Alp Arda Eriçek and İlke Gögçe for their valuable contributions. We are counting days to #JointheWorldsHeartbeat with you for the 10th time!