Motivational Letter

Cherished participants of NAMUN’21,

I, İdil Yüzbaşıoğlu, the secretary general of this year's Nesibe Aydın Model United Nations (NAMUN) would like to welcome you all to the 10th annual conference of NAMUN. Our academic and organization team both gave it their all to make this conference educational and fun for every attendee. All of our teams are more than grateful to welcome you all to our 10th year anniversary of NAMUN!

Highly distinguished participants of the Nesibe Aydın Model United Nations 2021 conference, NAMUN’21

I, Bahar Elif BÜLBÜL the Director-General have the honor of welcoming you all to the annual session of NAMUN,
This year is the 10th anniversary. Our predecessors have left a legacy for us that we will pass on to many more generations of coming teams.
With our extensive simulation Model United Nations and our well-thought-out social activities; our conference has always aspired to boost delegates’ academic and social skills.
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