Motivational Letter

Cherished participants of NAMUN’21,

I, İdil Yüzbaşıoğlu, the secretary general of this year's Nesibe Aydın Model United Nations (NAMUN) would like to welcome you all to the 10th annual conference of NAMUN.
Our academic and organization team both gave it their all to make this conference educational and fun for every attendee.
All of our teams are more than grateful to welcome you all to our 10th year anniversary of NAMUN!
We faced many difficulties along the way, overcoming them one by one with the support we gave to each other.
With both the academic and the organization team's hard work, we bring you NAMUN with its well planned committees and well planned coffee break activities to help you relax after a long session.
This year NAMUN offers five committees: two beginner, three intermediate and finally a J.MUN. UNEP (United Nations Environmental Programme) , UNCSTD (United Nations Commission on Science and Technology for Development) , NATO (North Atlantic Treaty Organisation) , UNHCR (United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees) , CSW(Commission of Status of Women) our JMUN. UNICEF (United Nations Children’s Fund).
All of these committees are fit to talk about the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals as we seek out solutions to real life problems we see everyday on the news.
In conclusion, our teams invite you to experience unforgettable memories, enhance your academic skills of presentation and debate, learn other people and countries' views of the world, and join the world’s heartbeat.
Welcome to NAMUN’21! Ten years, going strong.
Secretary general,
-İdil Yüzbaşıoğlu
Highly distinguished participants of the Nesibe Aydın Model United Nations 2021 conference, NAMUN’21

I, Bahar Elif BÜLBÜL the Director-General have the honour of welcoming you all to the annual session of NAMUN,

This year is the 10th anniversary. Our predecessors have left a legacy for us that we will pass on to many more generations of coming teams. With our extensive simulation of Model United Nations and our well-thought-out social activities, our conference has always aspired to boost delegates’ academic and social skills.

Both our organization and academic team have gone the extra mile to give you the best experience possible. Last year due to the ongoing pandemic it wasn’t possible for us to organize our conference face-to-face. This year, unfortunately, we can’t organize our conference face-to-face because of MEB restrictions. While we are saddened, our online conferences give a chance for international delegates to attend NAMUN’21. We hope to see you face-to-face next year.

This year, our public relations team has come up with various virtual coffee break activity ideas. Our team wants to make sure that you, as delegates, have a chance to grow while working with teams, making new connections, and improving your social skills thanks to our spectacular coffee break activities. Our aim has always been to provide all of our delegates with a chance to grow as a person and hope to prepare them for a professional approach in their future lives. We hope you enjoy your time at NAMUN21! Ten years going strong!

Bahar Elif BÜLBÜL